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iAcces - A revolution and fully customizable Keyboard IME in iPhone


  • Co-developed by HK/TW developers, iAcces is full customizable keyboard IME for iPhone
  • It bundled with all main chinese (ZH/TW) IME with user-friendly design
  • Open scripting engine, you can build a new Keyboard IME by your own
  • Handwriting recognition, iAcces bundled with Penpower HW recognition engine (one of the most famous Handwriting recognition engine around the world!)
    • Support the recognition for Chinese, English, Symbol
  • Built-in smart related word engine to speed-up your typing
  • Movable Word-selection-area (WSA)
  • Rich parameters setting for IME features
  • Developed by Gary, Colasheep, IczFirz

Information Notes

  • iAcces is a "Try before you buy" software, a free trial of 20 days will be grant for each unique iPhone/iPod Touch device
  • To make the payment, you make following the instruction inside the iAcces.app, typically, payment have to make by VISA/Master credit online
  • To read the Licenese agreement, you may reference IAcces-Release-Notes
  • A promotion will be started from 2-Sep to 20-Sep, special offer at US$12.99. After the period, the price will back to normal.

Installation Method, Release 1 (2.0.0 / 2.0.1/2.0.2) - Cydia

  • Notice that don't install iAcces through non-official channel, to install iAcces, you must follow the below steps
  • First, Jailbreak your iPhone
  • In Cydia app, add a new Sources:
    1. Click "Manage"->"Sources"->"Edit"->"Add", type the URL "http://www.iacces.com/apt", click "Add Sources"
    2. Then, click "Sections" icon at the bottom, select "iAcces Community" -> "iAcces"
  • Wait until installation complete, reboot iPhone, launch iAcces.app to perform initial setup, that's all.
  • If you have installed previous Beta, you may uninstall iAcces and reboot iPhone. Once rebooted, follow the above instruction to install iAcces


Image:iacces_beta5_screen01.jpg Image:iacces_beta5_screen02.jpg

Image:iAcces-01d.jpg Image:iAcces-02d.jpg

Image:iAcces-03d.jpg Image:iAcces-04d.jpg

Image:iAcces-05d.jpg Image:iAcces-06d.jpg

Image:iAcces-07d.jpg Image:iAcces-08c.jpg

Image:iAcces-09c.jpg Image:iAcces-10d.jpg